I was not familiar with this term until I met my boyfriend. If you’re not familiar, pregaming is drinking prior to going to an event regardless if there will be alcohol served at the event. Pregaming has become as important as the main event.

The Planning

The pregame planning begins with a series of group texts to determine the venue of said pregame. The venue is usually a spot where the group are “regulars” but can also be a bar near the venue where the main event is being held. A meet up time is then decided upon. If the main event involves food, the meet up time will generally be 1.5 hours prior to the start of the event. If the main event does not include food, additional time is allowed for eating. With or without food, it is important to allow enough time to drink a cocktail, catch up with friends and make it to the main event on time.

Pregame Etiquette

It is never acceptable to get shit-faced at the pregame. One should always arrive to the main event with all faculties in check. It is never acceptable to get so caught up in the pregame that you ditch the main event.

Origins of Pregaming

I’m going to go out on a limb here and hypothesize that the pregame is derived from the tailgate party. At some unknown moment in time, some boozer came up with the brilliant idea to tailgate before all events and renamed the non-sporting pre-party, the pregame.

The real genius of the pregame is that it gets everyone to the main event on time, already loosened up and ready to be social.