Vivian, Columbus, Ohio


One day while waiting tables, I walked back to the kitchen to check on food.  I noticed that a female guest had followed me into the kitchen.

Vivian: “Can I help you?”

Guest: “Do you have a back door?”

Vivian: “No, why do you ask?”

Guest: “I am on a terrible date and I need to ditch him”

Vivian: “Sorry, the best I can do is to offer you a shot of something to get you through the date”

The guest looks over and sees a door that leads to our sister restaurant.

Guest: “Where does that door lead to?”

Vivian: “Next door to our sister restaurant”

Guest: “I’ll take the shot, charge it to his bill and I’m going to leave through the restaurant next door”

She took the shot and left through the side door and I had the unenviable task of telling her date.