Ever had one of those days when you’re thirsty for a cocktail but you just don’t know what to order? Well, let’s be honest, I’m thirsty for a cocktail every day, but sometimes I need a little help with my decision-making process. 

One of the many things I love about Blind Lady Tavern is that, no matter who is behind the stick, you’re always going to get a great cocktail. Seth Laufman has assembled a talented team of bartenders, and, he’s not so bad himself. Originally from Athens, Ohio, Seth made his way back to Ohio after spending time in California. He bought the old Jury Room on Mound Street in downtown Columbus and turned it into a fabulous craft cocktail bar. I should also mention that their food is out of this world. Another thing I love about this bar is that you don’t even need to order a specific drink to get a great cocktail.  

This is how it played out one evening… 

Seth: what are you drinking?  

Me: I don’t know, I just don’t want anything too sweet.  

Seth: you want a citrus forward drink?  

Me: yea, citrus forward.  

A few minutes later... 

Seth: here you go, cheers!  

Me: What is it?  

Seth: An aviation.  

Me (in my head): ugh, I hated the Aviation I had tasted before and found it to be bitter and generally unpleasant. Plus, who wants a bluish/gray cocktail… yuck. 

With no expectation of enjoyment, I took my first sip. I definitely tasted lemon and the maraschino with just a hint of the Crème de Violette. It was a perfectly balanced, citrusy cocktail and the Crème de Violette was not overpowering. I was happy, very happy! I enjoyed the cocktail so much that I wanted to drink one every night, and practically did. 

The moral of the story? If you’ve tried a cocktail and didn’t like it, give it another shot at a bar with an experienced craft bartender, you may change your mind.


The Aviation

This pre-prohibition drink recipe was originally published in 1916 and published again in 1930 omitting the Crème de Violette because it was scarcely available in America.

 2 oz Gin
.5 oz Maraschino liqueur
.25 oz Crème de Violette or Crème Yvette
.75 oz lemon juice

Add all ingredients in a shaker and fill with ice
Shake and strain into a cocktail glass
Garnish with a cherry (optional)